Chief Executive

Chief Executive
1. the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government

the President likes to jog every morning

Derivationally related forms: ↑presidential (for: ↑President), ↑presidentship (for: ↑President), ↑presidency (for: ↑President), ↑preside (for: ↑President)
Hypernyms: ↑head of state, ↑chief of state
Instance Hyponyms:
Adams, ↑John Adams, ↑President Adams, ↑President John Adams, ↑John Quincy Adams, ↑President John Quincy Adams, ↑Arthur, ↑Chester A. Arthur, ↑Chester Alan Arthur, ↑President Arthur, ↑Buchanan, ↑James Buchanan, ↑President Buchanan, ↑Bush, ↑George Bush, ↑George H.W. Bush, ↑George Herbert Walker Bush, ↑President Bush, ↑George W. Bush, ↑George Walker Bush, ↑President George W. Bush, ↑Dubyuh, ↑Dubya, ↑Carter, ↑Jimmy Carter, ↑James Earl Carter, ↑James Earl Carter Jr., ↑President Carter, ↑Cleveland, ↑Grover Cleveland, ↑Stephen Grover Cleveland, ↑President Cleveland, ↑Clinton, ↑Bill Clinton, ↑William Jefferson Clinton, ↑President Clinton, ↑Coolidge, ↑Calvin Coolidge, ↑President Coolidge, ↑Eisenhower, ↑Dwight Eisenhower, ↑Dwight D. Eisenhower, ↑Dwight David Eisenhower, ↑Ike, ↑President Eisenhower, ↑Fillmore, ↑Millard Fillmore, ↑President Fillmore, ↑Ford, ↑Gerald Ford, ↑Gerald R. Ford, ↑Gerald Rudolph Ford, ↑President Ford, ↑Garfield, ↑James Garfield, ↑James A. Garfield, ↑James Abraham Garfield, ↑President Garfield, ↑Grant, ↑Ulysses Grant, ↑Ulysses S. Grant, ↑Ulysses Simpson Grant, ↑Hiram Ulysses Grant, ↑President Grant, ↑Harding, ↑Warren Harding, ↑Warren Gamaliel Harding, ↑President Harding, ↑Harrison, ↑William Henry Harrison, ↑President Harrison, ↑President William Henry Harrison, ↑Benjamin Harrison, ↑President Benjamin Harrison, ↑Hayes, ↑Rutherford B. Hayes, ↑Rutherford Birchard Hayes, ↑President Hayes, ↑Hoover, ↑Herbert Hoover, ↑Herbert Clark Hoover, ↑President Hoover, ↑Jackson, ↑Andrew Jackson, ↑Old Hickory, ↑Jefferson, ↑Thomas Jefferson, ↑President Jefferson, ↑Johnson, ↑Andrew Johnson, ↑President Johnson, ↑President Andrew Johnson, ↑Lyndon Johnson, ↑Lyndon Baines Johnson, ↑LBJ, ↑President Lyndon Johnson, ↑Kennedy, ↑Jack Kennedy, ↑John Fitzgerald Kennedy, ↑JFK, ↑President Kennedy, ↑President John F. Kennedy, ↑Lincoln, ↑Abraham Lincoln, ↑President Lincoln, ↑President Abraham Lincoln, ↑Madison, ↑James Madison, ↑President Madison, ↑McKinley, ↑William McKinley, ↑President McKinley, ↑Monroe, ↑James Monroe, ↑President Monroe, ↑Nixon, ↑Richard Nixon, ↑Richard M. Nixon, ↑Richard Milhous Nixon, ↑President Nixon, ↑Pierce, ↑Franklin Pierce, ↑President Pierce, ↑Polk, ↑James Polk, ↑James K. Polk, ↑James Knox Polk, ↑President Polk, ↑Reagan, ↑Ronald Reagan, ↑Ronald Wilson Reagan, ↑President Reagan, ↑Roosevelt, ↑Theodore Roosevelt, ↑President Roosevelt, ↑President Theodore Roosevelt, ↑Franklin Roosevelt, ↑Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ↑F. D. Roosevelt, ↑President Franklin Roosevelt, ↑FDR, ↑Taft, ↑William Howard Taft, ↑President Taft, ↑Taylor, ↑Zachary Taylor, ↑President Taylor, ↑Truman, ↑Harry Truman, ↑Harry S Truman, ↑President Truman, ↑Tyler, ↑John Tyler, ↑President Tyler, ↑Van Buren, ↑Martin Van Buren, ↑President Van Buren, ↑Washington, ↑George Washington, ↑President Washington, ↑Wilson, ↑Woodrow Wilson, ↑Thomas Woodrow Wilson, ↑President Wilson
2. the office of the United States head of state

a President is elected every four years

Derivationally related forms: ↑presidentship (for: ↑President), ↑presidency (for: ↑President), ↑preside (for: ↑President)
Hypernyms: ↑presidency, ↑presidentship

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